Megalops atlanticus

Tarpon are a prehistoric fish that can be found in bodies of water from freshwater lakes and streams to offshore marine waters. Tarpon have the ability to gulp air to “breathe” at the surface, allowing them to survive in very oxygen-poor waters. The tarpon is sought after for their sporting abilities rather than table fare. These fish are known for their spectacular leaps and head shaking when hooked. Temperature is a big factor in determining when tarpon go on the move; they prefer temperatures between 75° - 90°F and higher and tend to avoid water below 70°F. Some studies have reported mortality at temperatures lower than 55°F, but Tarpon are often able to find warmer water. Tarpon are found in nearly all salinity levels, from totally fresh water to full strength sea water.

Tarpon like temperatures higher than 75° and may move to find warmer waters if the temperature dips below 70°.

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