Red Drum

Sciaenops ocellatus

Red Drum, or redfish, are one of Floridas most widespread estuarine sport fish, inhabiting all Gulf of Mexico waters and the Atlantic as far north as Massachusetts. They are wonderful fighters and are delicious table fare. The popularity of redfish on the table almost led to their demise through over fishing.  Fortunately, they were spared when commercial fishing for the species was halted in 1995. They have a temperature preference between 70° and 90°F. Redfish may move to find warmer water when temperatures get below 70°F and probably won't feed at all when temperatures get below 52°F. Redfish are happiest when the salinity of the water is between 27 - 32. If the water is outside of this range, redfish may move to find a more preferable salinity or not feed as well. Redfish are generally bottom feeders and use their downward facing mouth to search for crabs and shrimp on the bottom, but will also hit artificial and lures.

Red Drum have an optimal temperature preference between 70° and 90°F and will find warmer waters when temperatures get below 52°.

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The preferred salinity for the Red Drum is above 27.

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Red Drum Low Salinity

The salinity has fallen below optimal for the redfish. Fish may have moved to areas with higher salinity.