Yearly Rain 


YCloudy Beachearly Rain in the amount of rain that has fallen for a given calendar year. It resets to zero on January 1st. 

Rain is liquid water that precipitates or falls from the sky. Rainfall and water quality can be directly related. Large rain events can lower salinity levels. This can happen on a small local scale, such as when runoff from a small stream enters a bay or on much larger scales such as when the Caloosahatchee River discharges large volumes of runoff.  In addition to lowering salinity the runoff is usually high in CDOM. Rainfall in our area is very patchy therefore rainfall totals can be highly variable over a relatively small geographical area. 


Average Precipitation for Sanibel & Captiva 
  Monthly (in) Cumulative Total (in)
January 1.82  1.82 
February 2.18  4.00 
March 2.66  6.66 
April 2.04  8.70 
May 3.89  12.59 
June 9.27  21.86 
July 8.90  30.76 
August 8.43  39.19 
September 8.38  47.57 
October 3.79  51.36 
November 1.51  52.87 
December 1.43  54.30