Tropical Storm Isaac

The ninth named storm and fourth hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Isaac originated from a tropical wave that moved off the western coast of Africa. Hurricane Isaac passed closest Sanibel, FL as a Tropical Storm, ~215 km to the Southwest on August 27th 2012.

The beaches of Sanibel and Captiva are used by several species of sea turtle for nesting. The beaches are monitored for nesting as part of SCCF's Sea Turtle Program.  During Isaac, 15 nests on Sanibel and 2 nests on Captiva were lost to the storm, totaling a 4% loss of the total nests laid during 2012 nesting season. 

Wind presented out of the Northeast shifting to out of the South as the storm progressed.

The salinity at Shell Point initially decreased as the water was forced out of the river. Salinity then increased  rapidly with the wind shift.