SCCF Recon

The River, Estuary and Coastal Observing Network

Sanibel -Captiva Conservation Foundation

Sensor Observation Service (SOS)

SCCF offers automated access to station data.

The Sensor Observation Service (SOS) installed on this website will enable users or computer scripts to request data directly from the database.

The following parameters are available through the SOS:

  • sea water temperature (°C)
  • sea water electrical conductivity (S/m)
  • sea water salinity (PSU)
  • relative humidity (%)
  • air temperature (°C)
  • air pressure (mbar)

Please visit the Data Disclaimer page for information on data quality and to learn how to request the additional parameters, recorded by RECON, that are not available through the SOS.

The SCCF SOS responds to the following commands;

Get Capabilities:     This returns a list of the available stations and sensors.

Describe Sensor:    This returns details about the sensors available on a particular station.

Get Observation:     This returns the measured value from a particular sensor on a particular station. If you don't include a time interval, it will return the latest  value.

Here are some examples. The response from Get Capabilities and Describe Sensor is in XML - really meant for computers not people.

The response from the Get Observation is text files - perfect for pulling into spreadsheets or automated programs.

This returns information about the stations and sensors available through the SOS.

Get Capabilities:

This returns a list of the sensors installed at Shell Point (ID = 13)

Describe Sensor:

This returns the latest value of sea water temperature from Shell Point.

Get Observation:

This returns the series of sea water temperatures from Shell Point from 1-Jun-2013 midnight to 2-Jun-2013 11 PM. 

For convenience - the Get Observation URLs for all stations and available sensors are written out below.

If you want a specific time or time interval - simply add &eventtime=YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mmZ/YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mmZ to the end and past it into your web browser.

Available Stations 

Shell Point (ID = 13)

 Gulf of Mexico (Station ID = 16) 

 McIntyre Creek (StationID = 56)

Beautiful Island (Station ID = 18) 

Redfish Pass (Station ID = 51) 

Tarpon Bay (Station ID = 11) 

Fort Myers (Station ID = 53)